Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with Stunning Turquoise

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Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with Stunning Turquoise This stunning pure copper bracelet is a perfect gift ! You can choose between Red or Blue Turquase. Why buy a magnetic copper bracelet? Wearing a magnetic bracelet will improve blood circulation throughout the body. The magnets in the bracelet attract iron particles in hemoglobin, making blood flow more easily through the body. This helps give your body more oxygen and nutrients. What does a copper bracelet do? increases the production of antibodies necessary for a properly functioning immune system. involved in the formation of pigmentation of skin and hair. plays a role in the formation of connective and bone tissue. helps our body absorb iron. What does a magnet do to your body? The scientists have discovered that magnets stimulate blood flow or can have a regulating effect on blood flow. They have also found that stretched veins shrink and narrowed blood vessels relax. Swellings and inflammation disappeared, wounds healed better and faster.