Foot support soles

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Features: Material: EVA Soft, light and comfortable to wear. Full length bow support. Extra heel pad protects the heel bone from a painful stroke. Provide extra support for the heel and the foot. Extra cushioning at the heel for maximum effect. Stoma design, not afraid of sweat, suitable for exercise, keep the feet fresh. Suitable for comfort and amortization of all types of casual and casual shoes. Plantar fasciitis and flat feet can be painful and make day-to-day activities difficult. Our arch support insoles are designed with comfort in mind. They provide good arch support for flat feet and help relieve pain caused by plantar fascia. Arch Support ! This foot insole provides soft yet firm support for flat feet and relieves plantar fascia pain. It also has a cushioned heel cushion to relieve the shock of waking up and running and the stress of standing for long periods of time. Ergonomic Design ! Ergonomic design provides maximum cushioning and superior comfort for the entire foot. And provides more arch support for the ankle joint, suitable for those who need a combination of cushioning and alignment. High Quality ! The foot insoles are soft, light, comfortable, breathable and non-slip. The cushioning EVA foam base and softer step improve stability, and facilitate natural foot movement for shock absorption and pain relief. Ideal for Daily Wear ! These arch support insoles are easy to fit into all kinds of shoes, such as sneakers, boots, casual shoes, high heels, flat shoes, etc. The insoles can be cut to fit your shoe size.