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A-Z Guide for Bitcoin set up + 1000 traffic views to your Rewardical ECA Gateway:

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Welcome my name is Maree Wells. I am updating this sales package, as so much has changed since first offering it in my ECA Store in 2013. YOU may set it up as a Standing Order. Receiving all my News and bitcoin updates Monthly. Gain access to all my new Training Video's and Business Articles relating to bitcoin. This is how I have a great Christmas every year. Bitcoin Generator Set Up How to make coin payments How to set up block chain What Bitcoin sites I use to promote my SFI Gateways. Free E Book Bitcoin Set up. These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else, because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them! Your email address will also be added to my SFI Newsletter. group. When you register from the link I will share with you. I keep everyone up to date week by week. With new ideas on how to promote and participate at SFI. If you live in Christchurch. Call around home for FREE training. Team support is the key. Included with this standard order is 1000 traffic views to your Rewardical ECA Gateway Monthly. There is no any guarantee of results. Signups change with the wind. Some days your views will get excellent results. Other days very little. BUT your link will be promoted at sites I have proven for normal results. I will contact You within 48 hours after purchase. Bonus if you are in my Level one down line I also will reassign 5 PSA members to you. My Goal is to explode our SFI down lines, so we are all earning working from home.. Cheers Maree.