ANECDOTES OF ANIMALS 98 Short Stories Book on CD in Microsoft Compatible Format

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Book on CD Edition Authors: Unknown Language: English Wordcount: 21,047 / 66 pg 98 Short Stories for Children For Young Readers or Young Listeners Anecdotes of Animals CONTENTS A Amusing Mimic, An 24 Animal Concerts 5 Are Beasts mere Machines? 182 Asking Assistance 166 Ass Castaway, An 184 B Bear and Child, The 18 Bear Cubs, The 162 Broken Heart, The 60 C Carrier's Dog, A 160 Cat and the Crows, The 30 Catcher Caught, The 154 Charitable Canary, A 148 Child Saved, A 190 Choosing the Least of Two Evils 150 Clever Crow, A 20 Comedy of Elephants, A 64 Crab Fishing 86 Cunning as a Fox 66 D Death of Antiochus Revenged, The 78 Deceiving the Fowler 164 Dinner Bell, The 118 Division of Labor 144 Dog and the Goose, The 76 Dog of Montargis, The 84 Dog Sheep-stealer, A 40 Dog Smugglers 168 Dolphin, The 50 Drawing Water 58 E Elephant's Revenge, An 104 Elephant Rope Dancing 72 Escape of Jengis Khan 178 F Faithful Companion, A 70 Faithful, Though Unloved 68 Faithful unto Death 112 False Alarm, A 188 Filial Duty 38 Foraging 120 Fox Chasing 94 G Goat, The 92 Going to Market 152 Good Finder, A 52 Grateful Lioness, A 10 Grateful Return, A 138 H Heroism of an Irish Hen 32 Honors to the Living and the Dead 108 Horse and Greyhound, The 88 Humane Society, A 172 J Just Retaliation 48 L Lion and his Keeper 126 Long Lost Found Again 82 M Making Sure 16 Mice as Sailors 56 Monkey versus Snake 110 Mother's Affection, A 42 Mother Watching her Young, A 174 Musical Mice 158 Musical Seals 113 N Newfoundland Dog, The 6 Noble Perseverance 28 Noble Revenge, A 80 O Odd Family, An 49 Old Habits 27 Ostrich Riding 100 P Pig Pointer, The 134 Porus Saved by his Elephant 170 Power of Music, The 22 Providential Safe Conduct, A 74 Q Quarrelsome Apes 186 R Rare Honesty 142 Refugee Squirrel, A 176 Remarkable Newsman, A 12 Remorse 62 Retribution 102 Revenge 54 Rights of Hospitality, The 96 S Sabinus and his Dog 46 Sharp-witted Bruin 14 Shepherd's Dog, The 34 Shrewd Guesser, A 180 Sly Couple, A 98 Snake Destroyers 156 Sonnini and his Cat 116 Strange Foster Mother, A 114 Strange Mouser, A 44 Strange Playmates 106 Strange Protector, A 124 Strange Rooks 130 Studying 8 T Talking Parrot, A 146 Tame Colony, A 161 Tame Hares 132 Tame Seagull, The 122 Travellers 36 U Usurper Punished, A 128 W Watch Dog, The 90 Wise Ourang-Outang 136 Wrens Learning to Sing 140 The Book on CD Edition produced by The Again Shop 2012 The Book on CD-ROM Advantage. Print only the pages, passages or paragraphs you want. Search for key words or terms, Read from your laptop, home computer or mini when it pleases you, no need to purchase or carry around a separate piece of equipment. Share it electronically with friends and relatives. You have permission to re-sell copies as long as they are unchanged from this original. Supply your children with books on their computers instead of video games. Share with 1 or 100 students at the same time for educational purposes. Pay one low price and have as many books of this title that you want to print. CD-ROM Edition. Not a DVD, not an audio CD, no illustrations. Produced in a Microsoft Compatible Format for reading, printing, copying, searching key words, terms or passages or for research.