TRIPLED PACK 5+2 (Receive 21 new PSA) “It’s about you influencing more people by creating content that’s easy to consume.”–Frank Kern Building a team has never been easier. But you are in a lack of time! We will do all the hard work for you. New PSAs are worldwide, delivered from a huge number of countries, globally we make the world smaller for you. Newbies will be delivered to you in a period of 24 to 48 hours, upon we receive a notification about your order. Before delivery, you will be informed through email before we start delivery. We can not assure active PSA, that will be your job to lead them in your one personal way, but we can help you in bringing them to your personal gateway. So, your job after purchasing PSA pack is to be online and give a warm welcome to your new fresh Sign-Ups on proper ways which include sending the first Icebreaker, Gmail with Welcome PSA message and message through chat. Make sure your Welcome PSA message is already set up, with your contact details and first instruction for new PSA. The ACTIVE and good working PSA will depend only on you, we deliver it to you and you lead them to success. First impressions and strong relationships with your team members are crucial to your success in SFI. So as your new PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) log into the SFI Affiliate Center for the first time, it's VITAL that they are greeted with a thoughtful welcome message from the person sponsoring them in SFI–YOU. Our tracking code with which you can easily follow up your newbies is 1120. BUILDING YOUR TEAM? You are in the right place...Let's begun
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