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What are some cool features about Astro Auctions?



When introducing Astro Auctions to your affiliates or encouraging a customer to give an auction a try, you may want to emphasize one or more of the the following cool and convenient features of Astro:

1. You place your bid first, and just one time.  Simply place the highest bid you can for as many TCredits that you think will win (i.e. be the highest bid).

2. With the exception of one TCredit required for a processing fee, you can get all your bids back if you don’t win.  When you enter your bid, you’ll choose how many TCredits you want to receive back if you don’t win.  In other words, Astro Auctions are essentially risk-free.

3. There’s much more to win with Astro than just the item being auctioned!  For each auction you enter (with as little as a single bid), you’ll be entered to win two different jackpots we call Rocket Box and Supernova.  You also get a free entry in the Pick-The-Bid contest. Your objective is to predict what the winning bid will be.  Be the closest and you’ll automatically win 500 Rewardicals!  PLUS...for each of your transformed TCredits you spend on an Astro Auction, you’ll automatically earn 20 Rewardicals that you can redeem for PSAs, CSAs, and more at the Rewardical Exchange.  And if all that wasn’t enough, you’re guaranteed to win at least five Constellation Prizes! (NOTE: Auction winners won't receive the "tip your pilot" Rewardicals. Instead, they receive a number of Rewardical Tokens based on the amount of the final, winning bid.)

4. Whenever you win an Astro Auction, there’s nothing to pay for, no checkout to go through, etc. You already took care of everything when you placed your bid. So when you win, we simply deliver it to you automatically. For digital items like TCredits and CSAs, they’ll be dropped into your account instantly. For physical items, they’ll get queued to ship to you ASAP. Plus, you'll receive a number of Rewardical Tokens based on the amount of the final, winning bid.

5. There are no “bogeymen” in space!  That is, you don’t have to worry about being “sniped,” “intimidated,” or “clobbered” by those with the ability to buy as many TCredits as they need to win whenever they want.  Rather, everyone simply places their bid before the auction begins...and no one can increase their bid once the auction starts.  And even if you don’t wind up being the high bidder, you can get all your TCredits that you bid back (minus the one for the processing fee and any you earmarked for Constellation Prizes).

6. You simply go to the auctions index, place bids for the auctions you wish to participate in, and then return later to view the revealing of the winners.  NOTE: We shoot you an email to let you know when it’s time.  Just click the link included in the email, then sit back and enjoy the flight! There's no requirement that you be actively engaged with the auction for hours at a time, watching every bid like a hawk, and bidding at exactly the right times to protect your time and TCredits investment.

7. For even MORE convenience, you can access the Astro Auction Auto-Pilot and set up all your bidding days or weeks in advance! Just click the AUTO-PILOT button at the top of the Astro Auction index page and follow the set-up instructions. You can select individual products from the list of all available Astro Auction items and enter your bid, Pick-The-Bid prediction, etc. You have full control. Just let the Auto-Pilot do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the flight!

8. We've designed Astro from the ground up to be fully mobile-friendly.  With nearly 2 BILLION smartphone users now worldwide, we just exploded the potential customer base for auctions (and all the commissions and overrides that go with it)!

9. We offer a wide variety of items for auction. We also plan to bring in third-party sellers in the future to offer their goods and services at Astro Auctions!

10. You can access a free, built-in game (Pick-The-Bid), two other big Rewardicals jackpots (Rocket Box and Supernova) for each Astro Auction, plus you get the opportunity to win a plethora of delightful other prizes. In fact, our goal is to have over 100 different prizes for each auction!  PLUS...we're planning on releasing numerous fun and collectable Astro badges and badge collections. In short, Astro Auctions are designed to feel like a game with LOTS of fun and excitement for bidders.

11. With Astro Auction's Extra4Earth (E4E) program, your bids also support your favorite international charity. Similar to our "Round Up" program at TripleClicks, you can choose a charity you wish to have your contributions donated to. Once you've chosen your charity, each time you participate in an Astro Auction a donation will automatically be made to your charity. Think of it this way: Astro may take you on trips around the universe but you'll always also be giving "a little extra" to your home planet, Earth, for each auction you enter! Select your charity HERE. Note that if you've already chosen a charity for the TripleClicks "Round Up" program, you're all set; we will automatically contribute to your charity for each auction you participate in.

Learn more about Astro Auctions HERE 

OR...just jump on board and give Astro a try.