Pi-Cup - Utilizing the power of nature, Tourmaline (the amazing electric stone) to produce Akaline Water Some of those who know about Tourmaline, call it "the nature's electric stone". Tourmaline, embeded in the filter of Pi-Cup, is use to naturally ionize water molecules and transform the water in the cup into mild alkaline water, pH 7.4~8.5. Tourmaline is also a nature's source of Far Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ions.What make our body acidic? • Acidic Water - Acidic drinking water, carbonated drinks. • Acidic Food - meat, sweat food, fried food, flour. • Smoking • Alkohol • Drugs The Structure of Pi-Cup (See image) Double layer tailess vacum - Hightech insulation with hours, up to 6~8 hours. High-net Filter - Mainly consists of single crystal grade rough ground tourmaline, negative ion ball, tourmaline which which have functions of producing mild alkaline water, create negative ions and provide oxygen content. Combination of Double Filters - The combination of high-net and low-net filters to achieve different functions and greater effects. Inner Wall and Housing - Apply food-grade environmental potection with special steel, long lasting and safe. Low-net Filter - manily consist of Pi stone, KDF filter material, far infrared ball, which enrich zinc, stimulate small molecules activity, create negative ions, eliminate chlorine and harmful heavy metals. Low-net filter is permanently effective without replacement. The Advantages of Pi Cup Alkaline Balance Acidic physical conditions are the source of sickness, while most of odinary drinking water appears to be slightly acid and long-term drinking will accelerate the acidification of the body. Water that filter by Pi-Cup can control the water pH value in the range of weak alkaline to be beneficial for clearing acidic wastes of the body and improving the body's acidic environment. Small Molecule Activity With technology like electrolysis and far-infrared, Pi-Cup activates water quality by changing it into small molecule cluster water. Small molecule cluster water provides strong penetration and good solubility, easily absorbed, improves body microcirculation and promote metabolisme. Anti-Oxidant Ordinary drinking water has positive potential that promote oxidation and aging. Specific negative potential technology of the Pi-Cup water can deliver more active hydrogen for body and eliminate excess free radicals, help to enhance immunity and delay aging process. Zinc-Rich Upon unique combination of the Pi-Cup's filte, the Pi-Cup water supplements minerals and trace elements according to the most appropriate proportion for human body to make the water suitable for absorption. It also can effectively strengthen the rate of zinc extraction to 100% and enhance human immunity. Anion Exchange Ordinary drinking water does not carry negative ions, but the Pi-Cup water is rich of negative ions, which can carry more oxygen for body. The Pi-Cup water also helps in activates cells, enhance water quality and taste. Eliminate Chlorine Being a strong oxidant, chlorine can undermine oral mucosa. Trichloromethane that produced after boiling is a strong carcinogenic (cancer causing substance). With Pi-Cup water, it can effectively degrade the residue chlorine content that dissolved in water and prevent the damage of chlorine toxicity inside our body.
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