How To Use The Conquering Force Within You By Jack M. Zufelt "Mentor To Millions" 8 CDs PLUS a SPECIAL BONUS recording of a $15,000 seminar on two additional CDs Sold in 47 Countries! WARNING! This program is shaking up the self-help industry! What you will hear will on these CDS shatter conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning Self-Help Guru's have been telling you for the past 75 years! These trainers, even though they mean well and genuinely want you to be successful - are stunting, maybe even permanently destroying your chance to be successful and they don't even know it. If Positive Thinking, Daily Affirmations, Self Talk, Dream Building, Visualization, Chanting, Goal Setting, Fire Walking and Every Other "Technique" That Self Help Guru's Preach Actually Worked.... then why are they failing for millions of the people who do them? This program gives you a simple, never before revealed, step-by-step blueprint of how to achieve exactly what you want in life and the true cause for success in life - including making more money, unshakable confidence, eliminate procrastination and become an unstoppable force so you can achieve whatever you desire. And it's easier then you think. This ten CD program dispels the myths about success. Here are the five biggest ones: 1) Goal Setting - This is the most used (yet most damaging) technique taught. Ask yourself the following - and be truthful. Have you ever set a goal? Of course you have. Did you write that goal down and read it frequently? Yep on that one too. Now this is the tough one... have you noticed that many, if not most, of those goals you wrote down never happened?Goal setting not only does NOT work but it's negative - even self-destructive for you. Wow, that is definitely a radical viewpoint. Here's what that means. When you look at your list of goals you wrote down on a piece of paper and 8 out of 10 of them did NOT happen, how do you feel about you? Thousands of people in my audiences describe how they feel with statements like "I feel like a failure", "I feel bad." "I must not have what it takes." "What's wrong with me?" There are never any positive comments. An 80% failure rate is not acceptable. These CD will explain to you what ingredient was there for those two goals you did get that was not there for the eight that did not happen. Here is a clue. . . .have you ever succeeded at something that you did NOT write down on your goal list? Of course you have. Most of the things you accomplish, probably the most important "successes" in your life, were NEVER written down on a "goal list". Do you know what that missing ingredient for those eight that you did not get is? Once you know what it is and how to get it — it will set you on the path, at last, to start achieving whatever you truly desire in life. This program shows you how to get it. 2) Daily Affirmations - Have you ever recited daily affirmations like "I earn $120,000 a year " or "I am happily married" or "I am debt free" and put them in places (your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, the steering wheel of your car) where you can see and read them all the time? How many of them became a reality? "None" most people say. Do you like people to lie to you? Of course not. No one does. Then why is it acceptable to lie to yourself? That is exactly what affirmations are all about. Saying things that simply are not true in an attempt to convince your brain to accept them so you will do the things it takes to get what you are affirming. For example, saying, "I weigh 125 pounds" when you weigh 190 is a lie. Saying I earn $120,000 a year or I own a Mercedes are all lies when you make $30,000 and drive a beat up 1986 Buick Century. By not dealing with the truth you will instantly be on the wrong path and failure is a foregone conclusion. 2 + 2 is never 5, no matter how many times you say it. The truth will, indeed, make you free. But you have to know it first. Affirmations cannot and do not make you successful 3) Self-Help Books - How many self-help books do you own, 1? 10? 50? Self-help books are full of techniques that promise you the world... yet 95% or more of the people who read them never experience the results they are promised and expect. It's great if you "magically" fall into that 5% crowd. But what makes the 5% successful and not you? They were able to naturally (and unknown to them) tap into and unleash their Conquering Force. 4) Visualization - Just like affirmations, visualizing the end result you desire makes you feel good because you have been told this is a critical key to success so you do it faithfully. Ask yourself this question, "Did it work?" Did your income increase by $1,000 a month? Did you lose the weight? Do you have that new boat, new car or mountain cabin you visualized? Again, the answer is almost always, "No". But, have you ever gotten something without doing daily affirmations and visualization? Of course you have. It’s not exercises like these that cause success! It is something much simpler, once you know what it is and how to unleash it you can be unstoppable. This program shows you how to do that. 5) What about those Motivational Speakers? Well - how long do you stay motivated after listening to a motivational speaker? The typical answers include, "2 days", "2 weeks", "until I got out of the parking lot!" "to the end of the CD". Therefore we must conclude that, no matter how good they are motivational speakers have no lasting affect. There is a better way. This program gives it to you. The self-help concepts and industry began in the 1940s. What did people do to achieve the results they wanted before the personal development movement started back then? The Wright brothers who invented the airplane, Thomas Edison, Columbus, the Pharaohs who build the pyramids and millions of others all achieved goals without doing any of the things taught by the self-help gurus of the last 75 years. There must have been something there to cause their success. Of course there was, and it's there in all of us in you. There is only one path to success — only one key that unlocks the door to your success. That path, that key, lies in you being able to unleash the unstoppable, God given power within you, which Jack Zufelt calls the Conquering Force. Where is the SWITCH? You have heard all your life that you have the power within to do, have or become whatever you want. It's true. We all do. The only problem is that most people never learn where the SWITCH to their awesome Conquering Force is! On this program you will hear many stories of success that prove that anyone can flip on the switch to their Conquering Force. You will hear how Jack showed a crippled ex-football player whose sole dream was to play professional football how to receive what he truly wanted to have. He turned him from a die hard skeptic into a living example of the power of the Conquering Force. It is one of many awesome stories and you will hear them in the recording of a $15,000 live seminar that is included as a bonus with this program. Sadly to many people see others using their Conquering Force — climbing to the top of their company or achieving financial freedom but you never seem to be able to plug into your Conquering Force at full power like they do. Do you want to discover the secret to Unleashing the Power of YOUR Conquering Force? Then order this program. This program will take you by the hand and not only show you, step-by-step, how to unleash your Conquering Force so you can achieve exactly what you want in life and have the ability to unlock your potential to achieve in life what you are destined for. It will completely reveal to you the missing ingredient that causes traditional self-help techniques to fall short. The Conquering Force program teaches the wisdom of the ages. . . . the TRUE cause of all success. Order it now!
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