How to Make Six-Figures Selling Short Reports

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"You're About to Discover How You Can Rake In A Six-Figure Income Just From Selling Short Reports" Have you ever wondered why some people are able to make money online so easily while you've been struggling to even make a dime all this while? If that is you, I urge you to take a good look at what I'm about to offer you. Introducing... "How to Make Six-Figures Selling Short Reports" I'm sure everyone loves instant cash. And this is a 6-part video series on showing how Instant Cash Expert JD Swanson easily makes 6 figures selling short reports and how anyone can do so as well. Steal his instant cash secrets now! Inside this video series you will discover: Session #1: The Instant Cash report Creating Method - Why I love Instant Cash and why you should love it as well - Everything you do, do it quickly or not at all - Finding a profitable niche - Finding 10 Report Ideas for that niche - Getting your product created quickly - Getting all the traffic you will ever need Session #2: Finding a profitable niche market to target - Taking one niche at a time - Why search count is not the be all and end all to a hot niche - Must always be niche forums available - People must want to spend cash - People must be making money already - There must be enough product ideas available to create easily for it to be profitable Session #3: Coming up with product ideas is as SAP - The best product ideas have exciting titles and give step by step guidelines - My favorite ways to find product ideas - Try and come up with 10 product ideas at least - The idea is to dominate and automate Session #4: Getting your products created quickly - Should you create your products yourself or should you outsource - Expert or freelance writer, that's the question we should be asking - Keep it very simple and very short - The best products give step by step solutions to pressing problems people have Session #5: Setting up your kick ass sales system - Automation is the name of the game here - Simple sales letters only - Simple autoresponder messages only - Making money on the backend is where the big money is made here Session #6: Getting all the quality traffic you could ever need - It's not about traffic, it's all about your business model - Article marketing, article marketing, article marketing - Niche forums are goldmines - Viral marketing is still viable - Wrapping up everything