Original Octocurl Soft Heatless Hair Curlers (Standard)

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The Original Octocurl Soft Heatless Hair Curlers (Standard) puts a modern twist on style. These soft, absorbent cylindrical curling 10-inch strips are made from cotton poplin, microfiber, or satin to suit all hair types and shoulder to mid-back hair lengths (14"- 19" from root to ends). Features 8 sets of double strips (16 single strips) that can be used for spirals, twist outs, braids, beach waves, loose curls, or any combinations. Wrap while hair is wet, damp, or dry, and/or use with a hairdryer (low air) to set the style. A removable, comfortable, and stretchy headband fits both children and adults and helps keep the Octocurl in place overnight or for extended wear. Includes a styling booklet and online tutorials.

Available in various colors and material: • SATIN STANDARD VERSION: The most gentle option for hair that is wavy, textured, dry, damaged, or tangles easily.

• COTTON POPLIN STANDARD VERSION: Made of cotton poplin which is both absorbent and smooth - great for those who want a middle ground.

• MICROFIBER STANDARD VERSION: The most absorbent fabric for overnight. Dries fast. Not recommended for dry, damaged, wavy, or textured hair.