WiFi Smart Power Strip & Surge Protector w/4 USB Charging Ports

Retail Price: $23.99
You Save: $4.00 (17%)

Quickly expand your home or office's smart capabilities with the WiFi Smart Power Strip & Surge Protector w/4 USB Charging Ports. No hub is required. Simply plug in and connect to control a variety of electrical items via the free mobile app (smart life) while you're home or away. Equipped with 4 power outlets that can be programmed individually, each smart outlet can set up to 20 timing tasks, letting you automatically power electronics on and off as needed. A convenient power supply for home appliances (such as fans, water dispensers, electric pots, TVs, humidifiers, lights, holiday decorating lights, and more. Never come home to a dark house again. Schedule the fan to turn on before you arrive. Sync lights and devices to sunrise, or pre-set times automatically.

Technical Specifications
* Power Rating: 1875W (125V 15A)
* USB Port Input: AC 100-125V
* Single Outlet Current: 10A (Max)
* USB Port Output: 5V / 4A (20W) in Total 4 USB Ports, 2.4A Maximum Per Port
* Power Cord Length: 5.9ft/1.8m
* Control approach: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
* Color: White