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Magicteam Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

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Need a good night's rest? The Magicteam Sleep Sound White Noise Machine may be the answer! Choose your favorite selection from among 40 different non-looping calming sounds that gently help lull you to sleep while blocking out disruptive background noises. In addition to 32 Levels of volume, the Magicteam sleep machine features selections for 1, 2, 3 hours, or for continuous play to suit any environment and comfort level. A convenient memory function automatically restores your previous settings.

With its compact size and attractive design, the Magicteam White Noise Machine fits easily on small night stands or crowded shelves. Great for restless sleepers, babies' rooms, relaxation or focusing exercises, meditation, and more!


Color: White
Weight: 0.95 lbs
Dimensions: 3.9 inch *3.93 inch * 2.3inch
Noise: 40 no-looping sounds
Volume: 32 levels of volume
Sounds include: White noise, lullabies, piano, frog, fan, brook, rain, birds, waves, bonfire, train, crickets, and more.