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Grey Whiskey Chilling Stones (set of 9)

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The aficionado's choice for "on the rocks," these Grey Whiskey Chilling Stones add the perfect chill to your beverage without diluting it, ensuring that all your favorite cocktails are served the way they were intended to be, pure and properly chilled! Made from non-porous, 100% pure soapstone, the reusable chilling stones have no odor and leave no aftertaste to tarnish your drink or overwhelm the character of your beverage. Just keep them in your freezer until you are ready to use them. After use, simply rinse and allow the stones to dry before placing them back in the freezer.

Each set of Grey Whiskey Chilling Stones comes with 9 finely crafted cubes in a velvet carrying pouch and makes a great gift for anyone who loves the perfectly chilled beverage.