VOCOlinc Smart Plug Wi-Fi Mini Outlet (2 pack)

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Smarten up your home without breaking your budget with the VOCOlinc Smart Plug Wi-Fi Mini Outlet (2 pack)! Small and unobtrusive, the smart plug is super simple to set up and instantly makes your plugged-in devices—from table lamps and fans, to dehumidifiers and TVs—voice and app controlled. The VOCOlinc works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, right out of the box, with no hub needed. You can also use the LinkWise app for iOS and Android to control your smart plugged devices from your phone when you're away.

Smart Control

With the VOCOlinc SmartBar, you can plug in any number of kitchen appliances—toasters, food processors, smoothie makers, etc.—and simply turn them on or off with your voice, via your smart phone, or via an automation. The options are endless.

Access Anywhere

Whether you're down the street or half way around the world, you can access your VOCOlinc SmartBar at any time, giving you total control of whatever you have plugged into it, so if you left the TV on after heading to work, simply turn it off via the LinkWise app.

Use Your Voice

Because the VOCOlinc SmartBar works great with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, you can easily control whatever's plugged into it with voice commands. "Hey Siri, turn off the TV" or "Alexa, turn on the Reading lamp".

Custom Schedules

The VOCOlinc LinkWise app attempts to make life easy by allowing you to create custom schedules that will turn the VOCOlinc SmartBar on and off at times and days of the week of your choosing. Just 'set it & forget it' and you'll soon wonder how you managed without!

Super Compact

Many smart plugs on the market today are great, but they're also bulky—and this means when you plug them into one outlet, the other free outlet gets blocked by the smart plug...not good! With the VOCOlinc SmartBar, you not only ensure that ONE SmartBar only takes up ONE outlet, it also means you can stack them to get two SmartBars in two outlets with ease.


* N. American / Type B plug * Input: 120V AC @ 60Hz * Output: 1800W / 120V, 15A max. @ 60Hz * Connectivity: Wi-fi 2.4GHz b/g/n IEEE802.11 * Overload protection