Wynd Plus Smart Portable Personal Air Purifier

Retail Price: $205.95
You Save: $2.30 (1%)

The Wynd Plus Smart Portable Personal Air Purifier can transform your environment and help you breathe easy wherever life takes you. Weighing less than a pound and taking up no more space than a water bottle, the Wind purifier is small and light enough to travel with you, but powerful enough to quickly clean your personal space and free it of allergens, germs, and air pollution.

Containing a medical-grade filter based on material used in American hospitals that captures a wide range of particulates, the Wynd purifier kills mold, bacteria, and other germs on contact and generates over 9 liters of clean air per second. An automatic alert lets you know when to change the filter so you can make sure your air stays clean. The accompanying Wynd app lets you control the purifier from your smart phone, check your local air quality, and get other insights from your personal tracker.


* 2-IN-1: Portable Purifier and Air Quality Tracker includes a Free Book download to teach you about air quality, pollen, pet dander, mold, car & industrial pollution.

* WEIGHS LESS THAN A POUND: Ideal for travel; use it anywhere—airplanes, cars, offices, small rooms, inside baby strollers...wherever you need purified, clean air.

* KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BREATHING: Get real-time air quality data; the air tracker can be used independently without the purifier and pairs with the Wynd App to deliver information on the air you breathe.

* MEDICAL GRADE FILTER: Traps particulates such as pollen, pet dander, bacteria, brush fire smoke, and industrial pollution particulates from sources such as: traffic, factories and power plants.