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Joseche Sleep Mask with Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

Retail Price: $29.75
You Save: $2.30 (8%)

Shut out the noise and light and rest peacefully and easily with your favorite music, audio book, or ambient noise using the Joseche Sleep Mask with Built-In Bluetooth Headphones.

Perfect for travelers, partners of loud snorers, or third shift workers who sleep during daylight hours, the Joseche Sleep Mask is made from extremely soft, breathable, and washable material and an adjustable, flexible velcro strap for a perfect, light-blocking fit. Its built-in, removable headphones feature true HD high fidelity sound and volume control and easily pair with smartphones, computers, and most other wireless compatible devices. Powered by a rechargeable 240mAH high-performance lithium battery, the Joseche Sleep Mask will keep playing for up to 9 hours for a full night's rest.

A wonderful gift for frequent travelers, festival goers, campers, meditation practitioners, insomnia sufferers—anyone wanting to shut out outside noises, light, and other distractions.


Stereo sound with thin speakers: The Joseche Sleep Mask headphones is only one-third as thick as other sleep mask speakers for maximum comfort. True HD HIFI sound featuring the latest Bluetooth V-5.0 technology produces great sound quality. Pairs easily with your iPhone, iPads, and Android phones.

Play time of 9+ continuous hours: The USB chargeable battery (a built-in 200mAh high-performance battery) charges in about 2 to 2.5 hours to provide more than 9 hours playing time, enough to support a full night's sleep.

Ideal sleep and travel companion: The sleep mask blocks out disturbing light for better rest and deeper sleep. Great for frequent flyers on long flights or light and noise sensitive sleepers.

Comfortable and washable: The Joseche Bluetooth Sleep Mask is made from velvet and elastic cotton for a soft and comfortable feeling. The fabric liner separates from the stitching for easy headphone removal and mask washing.

Adjustable size and speakers: Sleep mask can be quickly adjusted to fit any head. The sturdy wiring connected to the speakers that go from ear to ear allows you to adjust speaker position to suit your preference.