Original Hyaluronic Acid Goji Face Cream

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Hyaluronic Acid Goji Cream Goji Berry Facial Cream Medlar Multi Effect Anti Wrinkle Inhibit The Activity Of Tyrosinase Specifidation: 100ml Shelf life: 3 years Ingredients: Chinese wolfberry essence in rich in vitamins and amino acids, can compact skin, lock the water, prevent moisture loss, brighten the skin color, supple and moisturizing, make skin rich and translucent, improve the gloss, from the skin to show a new look, and keep the skin vitality, goldd thread young. How to use? Apply this amount to the face and neck, gently massage to surrender can be used sooner or later, the effect is better. Note: due to the difference in skin characteristics of each person, so the effect is different. If you use the skin after the discomfort, it is recommended to suspend use.