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Ask Me Pro--- Is A Fully Featured Frofessional Online Survey Script

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You will literally be able to collect unlimited, insider customer intelligence ! Finally An Easy Way To Completely Take The Guesswork Out Of Selling Online! Using A Powerfull Proven System That Simply Cannot Fail - Guaranteed!" Once you begin using customer surveys as part of your marketing, you will learn devastating new ways of increasing your bottom line every day! Ask Me Pro is a fully featured professional online survey script It's easy to get rich online! All you have to do is provide good content that people want! I think it was John Reese who said something to that affect, whoever it was said it, I agree with them 100%! But how are you supposed to know what it is people are looking for? Too often companies waste a lot of time and money developing products they think people are going to love. They may as well be flushing money down the toilet if they don't first conduct some basic market research. Asking your prospects opinion is the only sure fire way to guarantee you're not wasting time and money developing products and content. When looking for a simple system I could use to conduct my own surveys online, I found that every solution available suffered from one or more of the following flaws... * Ongoing Fees - Costly monthly or yearly fees to keep your surveys online. * Limited Responses - Only allowing you to view the results of a limited number of responses. * Limited Campaigns - Only allowing you to have a limited number of surveys online at any given time. * High Ticket Price - Any that don't charge monthly fees can cost upwards of $147 So I set out to create a simple but powerful solution, and I think I've done just that... Introducing The Brand New... 'Ask Me Pro' Ask Me Pro is a fully featured professional online survey script with the same power and functionality of the high ticket and monthly fee survey solutions. It is coded in php with a robust database driven backend, meaning it is very dependable. Once installed it will take less than one minute to publish your first survey online. This is easy to do, only takes 30 seconds and full directions are provided. Here are just some of the features you get with the powerful 'Ask Me Pro' survey system! * Add a survey to any one of your websites in a matter of minutes! * Customize the look and feel of your survey to match your site design. * Allows you to set multiple question types! * Optionally capture the name and email address of every survey respondant! * Choose whether you want to allow only one set of responses per person or multiple! * Choose whether to allow others to view the responses to the survey or keep the results to yourself. * Forward all survey respondants to any webpage you choose. (Great for offering a free gift). * Powerful response overview options. * Text response analyzer which lists the most popular phrases your respondants use. This enables you to instantly identify popular trends and concerns at a glance! * Plus much much more.... Its Easy To Use 'Ask Me Pro' & Give Yourself A Pay Rise Almost Every Day Once you begin using customer surveys as part of your marketing, you will learn devastating new ways of increasing your bottom line every day! * Discover the exact products your customers are eager to buy, so you can make a killing giving it to them! * You'll find out the exact content your visitors want to see on your websites. This encourages your visitors to return over and over again. * Survey your exit traffic to find out why they didn't buy, and what you can do differently to make them buy in the future. * Discover how you can improve your customers experience and cut down on customer support saving yourself hours of unnecessary boring work! * Ask your customers where they hand out, enabling you to advertise more effectively and sky-rocket your profits almost immediately! * Find your products most important benefits then adjust your sales copy for maximum conversion! The software will install in minutes, and full step-by-step instructions are included. You will need one available MySQL database. To your success, P.S. Once you start using 'Ask Me Pro', I know your going to love it. Let me know your experiences so I can put up a few testimonials on this site. Make the most of your traffic right now!