Mini USB Desk Electric Vacuum Cleaner

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This mini USB vacuum cleaner is designed for home, office and car cleaning. Strong suction performance for cleaning various digital devices, large particle dust and hair in pet house, dead corners and gaps in car dashboard and vent. Compact size, elegant in shape, easily to be carried anywhere. Noise reduced design and environmentally friendly raw materials applied, security and stability. Simple operation, compatible with all USB-chargeable devices, fully plug and play, support hot swapping, convenient and efficient. Features: Multifunctional, the mini USB house vacuum cleaner for cleaning computer, TV, stove, microwave oven, camera, printer, cosmetic bag, gaming and home stereo systems and more. Exquisite and lightweight mini car vacuum cleaner for car cleaning car dashboard, cigar lighter, soot, car vent, footprint dust, sand, mud, car drawer, floating dust and scraps etc. Bacteria-reducing and hygeian, the strong suction performance vacuum cleaner for pet hair, dust, large particles on clothes fiber, bookshelf, drawer etc., where could easily grow acarid, bacteria and mold. Dead zone cleaning, ultra small super portable size, equipped with extra long hair brush nozzle to sweep and collect tiny, floating dust, flat nozzle to strongly absorb small debris from corners and slits. 1.68m extra long USB cable could be directly plugged into any USB-chargeable devices, universal to be applied in any occasion, convenient and efficient, safe and reliable design, user friendly. Specification: Material: ABS Color: Black Voltage: DC 5V Rated power: 3W Noise: Less than 75dB USB cable length: Approx. 168cm / 66.1in Mode: Wireless, wired(Optional) Item size: 19.6 * 13.7 * 6cm / 7.7 * 5.4 * 2.4in(L * W * H) Item weight: Approx. 177g / 6.2oz Package size: 15 * 15 * 6.5cm / 5.9 * 5.9 * 2.6in(L * W * H) Package weight: 225g / 7.9oz Cautions: 1. Turn off the power before installing or taking out the sponge filter. 2. The sponge filter should be cleaned at least once a month, pls clean it in time when there is too much garbage. 3. Make sure the sponge filter be installed before the vacuum cleaner in operation. 4. Check if the sponge filter is installed well or broken before using it again. 5. Avoid being exposed to the rain, being close to heat source and direct-sun exposure. 6. Avoid touching any kind of liquid. 7. Avoid absorbing sharp & heat objects, such as glass and charcoal fire. 8. Avoid non-professional person to repair or modify inner circuit. Machine Cleaning: Step 1: Twist off the dust collecting cylinder. Step 2: Pour out the garbage from it and take out the sponge filter. Step 3: Rinse the sponge filter with water and dry it in the air. Step 4: Replace the clean sponge filter and screw down the dust collecting cylinder. Clearing of Fault: 1. When there is unusual sound during operation, it may suck abnormal objects due to no installation of the sponge filter. Turn off power immediately, take out abnormal objects and install the sponge filter. 2. If the suction is getting weak, pls check whether the nozzle and sponge filter are blocked or not. 3. When the vacuum cleaner is unable to run, pls check if the button be pressed or it is power off. Package list: 1 * Mimi USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner(Wired Mode) 1 * Brush Nozzle with Long Hair 1 * Flat Suction Nozzle 1 * Replacement Sponge Filter Note: The package list without user manual.