$100 cash card for ANY item your heart desires from Amazon!

Retail Price: $100.00
You Save: $100.00 (100%)

Buy virtually anything you want from the world's largest online collection of products with this $100 Gift Card for Amazon! This gift card is as good as CASH at Amazon sites across the globe, so winning bidders around the world** will be able to use this card for whatever they desire‚Äďall for potentially just pennies on the dollar from a Pricebenders Penny Auction!

Use your $100 card to:

Treat yourself to something nice from your wish list
Rent movies for family nights
Download the latest bestsellers to your Kindle
Add songs to your music playlist
Stock your kitchen pantry
Get a surprise gift for a friend or family member

How you use this $100 gift card is totally up to you! Amazon is one of the world's LARGEST online retailers with literally tens of millions of products available around the world, so the possibilities are almost limitless. Amazon Prime member? You can get free shipping on your item too!

Amazon currently has sites for the following countries/areas:

* amazon.com (United States)
* amazon.ca (Canada)

* amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)
* amazon.de (Germany)
* amazon.fr (France)
* amazon.it (Italy)
* amazon.es (Spain)

* amazon.co.jp (Japan)
* amazon.cn (China)

1. Due to restrictions beyond our control, amazon.in (India) and amazon.mx (Mexico) are currently unavailable for participation at this time. Consequently, affiliates living in India and Mexico are not able to bid on Amazon gift card Pricebenders auctions.

2. Affiliates living in Switzerland can not have physical items shipped to them that was ordered via an Amazon U.S. gift card redeemed at Amazon U.S.

IMPORTANT! This gift card will be delivered digitally; the winning bidder must supply a working e-mail address to which to send the gift card.

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