Audiobook "The Little Red Hen" Old English Fairy Tale by Florence White Williams

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Item specifics Condition: Brand New Language: English Format: MP3 CD Subject: Children's Length: 0:11:36 Topic: Fairy Tale Country/Region of Manufacture: United States AUDIOBOOK Children's Fairy Tale written by Florence White Williams "THE LITTLE RED HEN" Overview The Little Red Hen is a well known old English folk tale with a moral. It teaches the importance of helping and being unselfish - If you don't help to make the bread you don't get to eat it! Every second page contains either a beautiful color or black and white illustration by Florence White Williams. This makes a great reader for children. Although this is a children's story book it is much loved by adults who remember it from their youth and the timeless lesson it teaches. The Little Red Hen has a lovely repetitive rhythm that children love to remember and repeat especially after they have heard it a few times. This audiobook of this classic should be heard by every child and is even suitable for adult team building exercises. Many adults will remember this book from their youth. In a day and age when so many people expect something for nothing this book is more important than ever. Politicians in particular need to learn the simple lesson taught by the little red hen. It is a pleasure to publish this new, high quality, and affordable edition of this timeless story. Audiobook on CD is produced in MP3 Format (Will play only on a MP3 Compatible Players, some players will not play MP3 files and the disks will appear blank, before ordering please make sure the player you will be using will read MP3 files.