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Elephant Pants of Thailand

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Here is a product which my daughters love. They are attractive and very comfortable. They are free size, one size fits all. Realize that fits all means all Asian women. If you are a person with a larger than average size, they may not fit. They have an elastic waist. These so-called elephant pants are light and breezy trousers and can be found in abundance in tourist areas such as along the pubs and hostels of Bangkok’s Khaosan road, once made famous by the 2000 film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Marissa Arranz, 50, from Spain said she has been to Thailand three times and has never failed to buy a pair on each visit. “They’re really comfortable to wear. They feel so fresh, ” she said. Elephants are the official national animal for Thailand and are deeply rooted in its culture and literature. The animal once featured prominently on the national flag. “Foreigners like the pants because when they see the elephants they think of Thailand, ” says Mantana Kernkangpu, a 44-year-old merchant of elephant pants at MBK shopping center in Bangkok. Not all Colors are consistently available but every effort will be made to meet your desired choice.