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75 Global Affiliates Guaranteed - With Added Value

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75 Global Affiliates for your SFI business! With Added Value! This LIMITED INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE is designed for those wishing to become TOP ENROLLERS and build larger teams. We do the work with a guaranteed result, leaving you more time to concentrate on communicating with your team members. The added value of this package is that we aim to deliver all your 75 new affiliates within a 96 hour period, after issuing you with a tracking code. We go live with your order and it is scheduled at the best possible time when we feel that it has the best opportunity to fulfil within 96 hours. Due to the nature of live sign ups, it may take longer, but we guarantee 75 signups in total. We normally aim to go live within 4 business days or sooner, but this can take up to 5 business days. All signups will have responded to advertisements placed on popular websites across the globe. All done professionally with No added incentives! so you receive only genuine legitimate responders to your SFI opportunity. We guarantee that you will receive all 75 affiliates, in the event of any sign up email address not being valid, we will replace that sign up. This introductory offer price may be increased at a later date so buy now! We reserve the option to close this offer should it become oversubscribed. We wish you every success with your new PSAs and thank you for your order! Please be advised that we cannot predict how active or profitable your new affiliates will become and there are no refunds for inactive PSAs. Likewise we cannot validate every email address that is typed in by new affiliates and cannot be responsible for any errors in email addresses, however we know that the chances of these errors are quite small. As outlined above should this happen, we will replace that sign up.