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Clean Your List

Retail Price: $24.95
You Save: $21.45 (86%)
We do not sell email addresses or Emails Lists. This is a service to verify emails that you already own. Do you try and mail out your email messages but you are getting bounced addresses? High bounce rates will damage your reputation. Before you Email, Scrub your List. Make sure it is clean. Most Auto Responders do not allow you to upload lists of Emails, for good reason. The ones that do penalize you if your list contains too many emails that bounce. No more nasty notes from your Auto Responder provider. No more ISPs blacklisting you for mailing to bad addresses. Clean that list. For $3.50 per thousand email addresses I will clean up your list. Send me your list, I will test each email and send you the results. You will know what emails are good and which ones will bounce. Have 300 emails, buy a 1000 and continue to send me emails until I have scrubbed 1000. No worries duplicates will be considered a single email. Have 5000 emails? Buy this product 5 times and send me the list. No monthly fees. NOTE: We will NOT send email to any of your addresses, All email checks are done by pinging the email server, so don't worry about upsetting your mail list subscribers!