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The 200 Best Home Businesses

There has never been a more exciting time to start your own business. New businesses are springing up every day across the country, and the majority of them are started right at home. Whether these new ventures are inspired by stay-at-home moms looking to earn extra cash, young people starting their careers with their own businesses, previously employed middle managers, or just regular folks looking to increase their monthly income, many are finding themselves caught in the entrepreneurial spirit. As companies are learning to be leaner and meaner, career-minded individuals are learning that the only place to find true job security is right in their own home. They already know that the best way to prevent a layoff is to open up shop for themselves. Changes in government programs and tax benefits for these entrepreneurs have created a market situation for which it has never been easier to start—and operate—a new business. It’s almost as if you’d be foolish not to try your hand at running your own show. New technology in both the communications and computer industries has made home offices the norm, instead of the exception. Many entrepreneurs have been able to start their own home ventures while still employed, thus increasing their capital and minimizing their day-to-day financial risk. This book, revised and updated with twenty-four new business opportunities, emphasizes the potential for many businesses that might start out as hobbies, personal interests, or an expansion of a particular skill you might already have. Take time to read through all of the business opportunities included here. You’ll find that there is a balanced mix of part-time and full-time opportunities. Many jobs listed are considered white collar, but there are plenty of businesses listed that require a more hands-on approach and specific technical skills.