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Do Not Open An Encyclopedia of the World's Best-Kept Secrets.

Welcome to Do Not Open, a fact-packed compendium of all the weird and wonderful stuff they don’t want you to know about! From secret services to conspiracy theories, this book will take you on a magical mystery tour of the truth behind the known and the unknown. Whichever way you choose to read this book, you’re sure of an instant hit of cool info. Of course, if you want to, you can just start reading Do Not Open in the old fashioned way, by starting at the beginning. Or you can just dive in to the book at any point and then follow our special links to related subjects on other pages. So, for example, if you started with UFO, and then wanted to know more about weird extra-terrestrial happenings, just look for the links on the bottom of the right-hand page— they’ll take you straight to other interesting alien stuff. Your journey through the pages will depend on which links you choose to follow. In time, you can probably work your way through the whole book! Here’s an example of just one way you could get from Hoaxes to Everyday surveillance in just six steps.