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Increase Conversions, Sales and Affiliate Income Using Tried and True Email Marketing Methods! Create an avalanche of profits using the PROVEN email marking methods that are still secretly used by the best marketing gurus in the business! Join the Email Marketing Revival and Read My New EBook! These writing strategies put your message right in front of the nose of your customers and increase your chances of making a first or second sale! Learn how to be omnipresent without being obnoxious! Make maximum profits from every single customer who visits your website even just once! I hate to be a living cliché but I just have to say it - If I had a dime for every time I have heard that phrase "email marketing is dead" I would be a very rich man! Let’s face it. The whole internet marketing industry has kind of turned against the idea of the email campaign as a form of advertising. You almost feel like if you do still email your customers that you are somehow "not cool" or behind the times when it comes to promoting your website. So why the biggest internet marketing gurus on the web are are steering you away from email marketing other methods of self-promotion? Here is a collection of "raison d’etres" that internet marketing gurus have been using discourage you from becoming an email marketer any longer. Studies have show that people don’t read emails anymore Firewalls on many people’s computers prevent them from seeing your emails so it is pointless to send any in the first place! It is much more user friendly to spend thousands sprucing up your website so that people will like you People need to be manipulated through search engine optimization techniques to buy from you because they are too stupid to think for themselves and hate the direct, honest approach! You need to send six or more emails before a prospect or existing customer will even read it! And my favorite - If you are an email marketer you are nothing more than a low down and dirty spammer! Well I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth! Although it is certainly true that the nature of email marketing has changed in the past year or two it is not at all a method of marketing that you should ignore. In fact, so many online business people have been dismissing email marketing as a method of promotion that the time is better than ever to adopt it as a marketing technique in order to undermine your competition that is busy fussing around with more time consuming and novel ways of advertising his or her business. Get Back to the Basics! BE A EMAIL MARKETING MAGICIAN The FACT is that email marketing is still and will always be one of the most effective and efficient ways of building your business and that it is just ONE of the methods that you should employ to promote yourself, your services and your products. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t deny that there have been a lot of changes when it comes to marketing and promoting an online business over the past few years. The key is to learn how to adapt what you know about marketing by email to today’s contemporary online business scape. I am here to teach you that. Is there anything worse than the inability to change? Throwing away the idea of email marketing as part of an overall strategy for making money with your own business is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. What a waste of already accumulated resources! This is where I come in. I can help you optimize and maximize what you already know about email marketing promotion and help you to put it to work for you again. I can bring you up to date on what issues specifically affects you as a contemporary internet marketer so that you can make the most of the work you have already put into your existing email campaigns. No emailing list that you have put together from your website should ever be described as "dead in the water!" Imagine! You can finally start using those opt-in lists or auto responder’s series that you set up a few years ago and then abandoned again. You get them working as money makers for you by following my advice! Email Marketing Magician focuses on what you need to do and the changes that you might need to make in order to be able to use e-mail marketing most effectively and profitably in the current marketplace. I don’t waste your time with stale approaches that don’t work anymore. I know that everything in this ebook works because I have tried every single approach myself. I wrote this book to get right to the point. It is organizing so that you can be up and running your email promotions with confidence within hours of being "caught up to scratch" on the latest ways to increase your membership sales, affiliate income, pay per click income and sales using my methods! Email Magician is a Resource for Both New and Advanced Internet Marketers Alike! I realized that when I started writing this eBook that there would quite a few people who had not touched their autoresponders in some time who would need a refresher course in what it is all about and also quite a few newbies out there who simply want to learn what email marketing business is all about. Are You New to Email Marketing? No Problem. Email Marketing Magician is also a crash course in the basics and a good solid reference for the advanced marketer! I wrote Email Marketing Magician with the idea that there are "no stupid questions in this world" and with the mindset that you should never ever assume that everyone who buys the book would already have some experience writing promotional emails. In Email Marketing Magician you will learn the absolute basics including -- How to understand the original intention and purpose of email marketing A crash course in the concept behind the development of a target market An explanation of what is spamming and what is advertising How to avoid being accused of spamming How to brainstorm a message for new prospects How to conceptualize a message for customers who may have already bought from you once How to make sure that your message is seen by customers who prequalify as buyers for what you are selling How to make your site into a moneymaking center using a targeted promotional email campaign Why so many marketers and online business people screw up a concept as simple as "sending a message to people who want to buy from you." Before I finally figured out the secrets of how to adapt the modern email campaign to suit the technological and business changes that have taken place lately I made a LOT of mistakes. Some of them were lethal and even had my ISP reported from irate customers. I had a tough time talking my way out of that one and part of the inspiration for researching this book was a sincere desire to never have to put myself through something like that again! In Email Marketing Magician I not only teach you what to do I also spend many pages in the book teaching you how to avoid making the same mistakes I did when I first started out in the email marketing and customer prospecting business. In fact, when it comes to going about email marketing the WRONG way you could say I am a bit of an expert. I can teach you -- How you can accidentally spam your customers and what you can do to avoid this fatal mistake How to turn off people by sending them emails that are nothing but hard sells that do not acknowledge their humanity How to repulse people by "shouting" at them in the header of the email How to turn people off using prewritten sales letter templates and why the personal approach to emailing is much much better How to send your emails to people who will immediately delete them without reading them How to get a firewall to block you from sending any email to any prospect How to break all of the laws established by the SPAM Act of 2003 and put yourself right out of business! How to spam your way right into a case of criminal prosecution even when you have the most innocent of intentions! Why it is lethal to your business to have it appear as if your messages were sent by a sophisticated piece of software All about email harvesting and how using these types of programs can actually land you behind bars How you can unwittingly be sold commercially available software that is in essence email harvesting software that can get you in legal trouble I can’t begin to tell you how much trouble I got into simply by believing the assertions of some of the outfits that sell you this software which guarantees among other things that - You will be sending emails to untargeted prospect who have agreed to be emailed And much more...