Volume 2 - "Casual Couch Potato"

Volume 2 steps it up a little and shows you easy methods to really get you excited and help you make money while you have FUN! If you have a passion and or skill and want to make money with it online with it, then the methods in Volume 2 will be like a dream come true. Like the title says, it's designed to help the "casual couch potato". You'll be able to earn online doing things you like but still have tons of free time. You'll discover 4 simple methods great for "hobbyists" including.... selling your digital photos online freelance writing becoming a virtual assistant, and selling ANYTHING on Ebay Some of the secrets I reveal are... Why there is huge demand for selling your digital photos and why it's growing more and more popular The tools you need start your photo-preneur career on a shoe-string budget Where to download free photo editing software that rivals Photoshop! The 4 step plan of action to prevent failure as an online photo-preneur Only the best "researched" resources of where and how to sell your digital photos for top dollar How anyone with English typing ability can make very decent money as a freelance writer Where you can instantly find hundreds of people in need of your writing services Sneaky tactics to secure your first paying clients who don't care if you're a complete amateur writer How to research and write quickly about any topic even if you 've never heard about it before! How to put your basic computer skills to work and earn cash part-time as a virtual assistant (even skills you never knew you had!) Where to find tons of virtual assistant jobs to apply for for free Where and how to create a free website easily that promotes you and your services and how to promote it for free so clients will be coming to YOU! Why you shouldn't look past Ebay as one of the most simple income streams on the internet How to sell your digital products 100% hands-free on Ebay since the new "no digital download products" listing rule 6 essential steps to follow to create the perfect ad listing 7 other "little-known" Ebay selling secret tips to blow your competition away and maximize profits