Volume 1 - "No Brain Novice"

The easiest guide of all three volumes. If are a complete dummy when it comes to computers or the internet, then you can't go wrong with Volume one. Like the title says, it's designed to help the "no-brain" novice who can't do anything more than type and click the mouse. You'll discover the top 3 most simple methods including.... online surveys clicking for cash, and making money with Google Adsense Some of the secrets I reveal are... How tell the difference between a scam program and one that will actually pay The most trustworthy online payment clients you should make an account with and NO others The "tried and tested" legit online survey and paid to click programs with the highest payouts How to click all day and NOT get a sore clicking finger How to eliminate SPAM emails from littering your inbox and only get emails you want to read How to get a Google Adsense account instantly and WITHOUT a website of your own for free in less than 5 minutes! How and where to easily build free webpages that display Adsense ads automatically for a share of the profits How to get free traffic non-stop to your free Adsense pages! The 5 most common Adsense mistakes and how to avoid them Lists of free resources and bonuses