Proxy Profit Manual

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You've setup your website, and now it's time to start making some money, but there is just one little problem. Discover how to easily set up your own profitable proxy websites. The definition of a proxy as they concern us is a web page that allows users to access websites that are restricted by the users network administrator. The main reason people want to use proxies is because they allow you to access blocked sites. Many people at work or at school love to conquer their boredom by browsing the internet. You Actually Only Need to Follow 9 Simple Steps... The Proxy Creation Process Step 1 Register A Domain Step 2 Acquire Proxy Hosting Step 3 Setup your Domain Step 4 Code Your Proxy Step 5 Upload Your Proxy To Your Host Step 6 Register with Adsense and Adversely Step 7 Infuse Advertisements Into Your Proxy Step 8 Generate Traffic Step 9 Make Money!!
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