GREEN GOLD IMUNE® - 180 capsules/box More vitality, stronger immunity, better fitness! Perfect health! "I have not caught a cold for a year already and am taking just a capsule a day!" (Zsolt Srajber, the ECA producer) ALGAE: 3 billion years old life-form on our planet, and energy-provider to earlier human cultures. Algae withstand radical changes of the environment on the bottom of ocean. Algae was called "gift of gods" by ancient Aztek culture. Strength, vitality, comfort, and energy for us are more pertinent today than ever before. Science now combines discoveries with the knowledge of ancient cultures. The alga types of "chlorella vulgaris" and "spirulina platensis" consist of 4000 (!) natural vital materials for our body! Their nutrient availability are 95% (!) for our body as opposed to 10-20% useful nutrient content of other plants. Spirulina and chlorella algae mixed together create a unique system for vitalizing our body. The twenty-first century leads us to the age of aquarius with a new awareness of our body as the temple of vitality and comfort. Microalgae, the new miracle of wellness, thrill millions of people in Asia and recently Europe and America. GREEN GOLD IMUNE®: Our energy gets burned up in a lot of different ways in our age today, like work, family, sport and other activities. Now, you can receive a great help to handle these challenges with our brand new products that contains the four most valuable micro alga: the Haematococcus Pluvialis, the Spirulina Platensis, the Lithothamnium Calcareum and the Chlorella Vulgaris. The vital content of the Green Gold Imune gives you a very comprehensive effect mechanism: First, the Chorella helps your cells to get rid of the harmful materials and toxins. In the same time the Spirulina and the Lithothamnium provide the record amount of vital materials (4000) that will get your body ready for the everyday need. The "Crown" of this process is the natural Astaxanthin, what is listed as a strongest, existing antioxidant in the world. This will give you the best protection for your cells against the most aggressive damages. Phase 1: Cell cleansing. The Chorella alga is the master of detoxification that will remove the most stubborn accumulated toxins and hard metals from your cells. Phase 2: Nutrition. The Spirulina and the Lithothamnium algae will nourish your cells with the 4000 record amount vital material and extremely rich biologically metabolizable nutrition. Phase 3: Cell protection. The Haematococcus Pluvialis contains natural Astaxanthin - as the strongest antioxidant known - will give a first class cell protection. The components of the Green Gold Imune: - Spirulina Platensis micro alga - Chlorella Vulgaris micro alga - Lithothamnium Calcareum - Haematococcus Pluvialis The ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard proves that this product is a highest quality, contains only natural ingredients and is preservative free. Every product is under quality control and guaranteed by the German LEFO - Institution. Packaging: 180 capsules/box. Take 2 capsules a day for an average healthy adult preferably with water. Maximum 6 capsules a day. For children proportionally less: e.g. for a 2 year old child only a third of a capsule possibly poured into milk. Normal Price: $69.90 Our Price: $59.90 General examination results Nutrient Spirulina Chlorella Lithotamnium Haematococcus Protein 60 % 59,6 % 0 550 g/kg Carbo-hydrate 14 % 15,8 % 0 10 g/kg Fat 6,5 % 14,6 % 0 10 g/kg Vitamin B1 20 mg/kg 20 mg/kg 0 0 Vitamin B2 23,2 mg/Kg 45 mg/Kg 0 0 Vitamin B6 3,3 mg/Kg 20 mg/Kg 0 0 Vitamin B12 0,79 mg/Kg 1,36 mg/Kg 0 0 Vitamin E 11 mg/Kg 11 mg/Kg 0 0 Calcium 4300 mg/Kg 4000 mg/Kg 330000 mg/Kg 0 Magnesium 3500 mg/Kg 3000 mg/Kg 33000 mg/Kg 0 Iron 700 mg/Kg 1800 mg/Kg 2150 mg/Kg 0 Zink 32 mg/Kg 16 mg/Kg 17 mg/Kg 0 Selenium < 1 mg/Kg < 1 mg/Kg 0,16 mg/Kg 0 Phosphor 8200 mg/Kg 9000 mg/Kg 0 0 Carotene 3965 mg/Kg 800 mg/Kg 0 840 mg/kg 1) Spirulina Platensis - the green power-plant! The Spirulina is a microscopic, fibre-like freshwater alga. It converts the power of the Sun to a valuable component by photosynthesis. The intensive green colour comes form the especially high chlorophyll content that is very important for the digestion and the metabolism. The Spirulina doesn't have a strong cell-membrane compare to other plants. This is one reason why our digestive apparatus can get the vital components so easy. The vital amino acid quantity overpasses the quantity you can find in milk and other food. The alkaline Spirulina prevents hyperacidity in our body. The most important components: valuable protein (40-60%), different amino acids and vitamins, like the full scale of B-complex, a lot of B12 vitamin, Potassium, Magnesium, Zink, Iron, Beta-Carotene, even fatty acids, like Linoleic acid, (more then 50 vital material). This rich combination with easy accessibility makes the Spirulina Platensis to a natural power for our body. It gives a pleasant condition, a beauty and power and energy. 2) Chlorella Vulgaris - the toxin remover! The best-known one-celled, freshwater alga. It has a detoxifying characteristic due to a special cell construction and the chlorophyll content. Apart from this, it is a full valued nutrient source; indeed, it is a best performing nutrients of a supplement. As more and more we detoxify our body, our liver and kidneys are more capable to do their cleansing task. This is how the Chlorella becomes an important keeper of our health and resistance. 3) Lithotamnium Calcareum - the master builder! It is native in crystal clear, high mineral contended waters in Western Europe. 34% of its combination is clear, natural, elemental Calcium that is the most important mineral for our body. The Calcium is indispensable for the regeneration of our bones, teeth, fingernails and hair. Scientific researches justify that high proportion of the natural Calcium from the Lithotamnium - opposite the chemically made - is capable to infiltrate. It can be more effective with adding Spirulina to it. This is how the Lithotamnium can be the most efficient Calcium resource for our bones and teeth. 4) Haematococcus Pluvialis - the strongest known Antioxidant in the world! Haematococcus Pluvialis - The natural antioxidant miracle - The natural Astaxanthin The biggest dangers for our body are the free radicals. The free radicals attack the cells of our body. Those cells are in the most danger that has an especially sensitive periblast. If the free radicals are not treated in time they can cause serious illnesses, like cancer, rheumatics, Alzheimer disease, synovitis, arthrosis, or cataract. In order to neutralize the free radicals and avoid the damage of the cells - before the whole process would start - the nature created an "army": the antioxidants. The most known antioxidants are the Vitamin A and C, also the Beta-Carotene. The Astaxanthin is a part of the Beta-Carotene family - that comes from the Haematococcus Pluvialis micro alga - plays a unique role. Some antioxidants, like the Vitamin C in a given circumstances - after neutralizing the free radicals - start to be aggressive and attack the cells, namely become "pro-oxidative". This could not happen with the Astaxanthin due to its special molecular structure. The natural Astaxanthin: - 20 times stronger than the synthetic one - 50 times stronger than the Beta-Carotene - 60 times stronger than the Vitamin C - 550 times stronger than the Vitamin E The natural Astaxanthin protects the cells extremely. It will not be "pro-oxidative", therefore it is safe to consume. The Spirulina, the Chlorella, the Lithotamnium and the Haematococcus are very important for the healthy and full value nutrition. The maintenance of our beauty, our vitality and our joy is not magic, but they are based on their complex combination. We can avoid and prevent deficiency and the sickness deriving from these with regular consumptions. The vital materials found in the micro algae help us to keep our health and vitality in our every day life, in our work, but mostly protects us against the environmental effects entirely to our older age.
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