Content, Content, Everyone Screams CONTENT! Household Budget Planning Family Budgets: A Brief Introduction 3 * Why an e-book or how-to guide on setting up a family budget? * Why would or do you need a family budget? * The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting * Benefits and advantages of a family budget Family Budgets Defined 12 * What is a family budget? * What constitutes a good family budget? * What should it contain and look like? The Family Budget Process 19 * How to set up a family budget? * Some practical suggestions and a step-by-step summary of a family budget process * Hints, tips, tricks and tools for setting up a family budget * How should a family budget be used? Final Thoughts On Setting Up A Family Budget 53 Hybrid Vehicle Revolution Introduction To Buy A Hybrid, Or Not To Buy A Hybrid… That Is The Question! So What Is Or What Makes A „Hybrid‟ Vehicle? The Questions And Rationale Behind Hybrid Vehicles Fundamental Steps To Consider When Buying A Hybrid An Eclectic List Of Current Hybrid Vehicles, Different Types, Choices And Price-Points Five Types Of Hybrid Technology Available To Automakers What Motivates You To Buy/Not Buy A Hybrid Car What To Look For And How To Make Up Your Mind Hybrid Car Facts: QUICK CHEATSHEET SUMMARY Benefits And Advantages Of Owning A Hybrid Car What To Avoid When Buying A Hybrid Unleashing The Future… Closing Remarks Sources and Reference Links Info Marketing Guerilla Tactics Introduction 1 The "Author It" Tactic 2 The "Time Involved" Tactic 3 The "Turn The Page" Tactic 4 The "Chopped Up" Tactic 5 The "Mega" Tactic 6 The "Original Recipe" Tactic 7 The "Royalty" Tactic 8 The "Can't Be Ignored" Tactic 9 The "I'll Support You" Tactic 10 The "Sell It" Tactic 11 The "Complete Resource" Tactic 12 The "Choose It" Tactic 13 The "Real Life" Tactic 14 The "Trivia" Tactic 15 The "Bestseller" Tactic 16 The "Access Time" Tactic 17 The "Kid" Tactic 18 The "No Confusion" Tactic 19 The "Nowhere Else" Tactic 20 The "Free Refill" Tactic 21 The "Pick Your Poison" Tactic 22 The "Guarded Secrets" Tactic 23 The "Nothing Held Back" Tactic 24 The "Extra Time" Tactic 25 The "Seeing Double" Tactic 26 The "Twist Of New" Tactic 27 The "Navigation" Tactic 28 The "Third Party" Tactic 29 The "Ease Their Concerns" Tactic 30 The "Pet The Puppy" Tactic 31 The "Bigger Is Better" Tactic 32 The "Misinformation" Tactic 33 The "Customize It" Tactic 34 The "Handy Dandy" Tactic 35 The "T And P" Tactic 36 The "Limited Edition" Tactic 37 The "No Worries" Tactic 38 The "Award" Tactic 39 The "Ancient Secret" Tactic 40 The "Serial Number" Tactic 41 The "Helpful Tools" Tactic 42 The "General Public" Tactic 43 The "Authority" Tactic 44 The "Precisely Detailed" Tactic 45 The "Speeding Bullet" Tactic 46 The "Got Gifts?" Tactic 47 The "Traffic Tools" Tactic 48 The "Huge List" Tactic 49 The "Follow The Leader" Tactic 50 The "It's Proofed" Tactic 51 The "Recycle It" Tactic 52 The "Take Action" Tactic Internet Business Startup Wisdom TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 PART I: LEVERAGE 6 Group Leverage 6 Joint Venture Marketing Leverage 6 Traffic Leverage 8 Safe Rule of Thumb for ANY Business Endeavor 9 Labor Replication 10 Due Diligence 11 One Chance on the Merry-Go-Round of Life 13 PART II: YOU ARE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE 14 What's In It For Me? 14 Compelling Copy 15 Delivery Is Everything 18 Getting Your Reader's Attention 18 Honing Your Copy Writing Skills 21 Practice 22 The Naked Truth 23 Personalize and Be Specific 25 In Review 29 Recommended Resources 32 Recommended Reading 32 All-in-One E-Commerce Solutions 32 Recommended Payment Processors 32 Landing Page Blueprint Introduction to Landing Pages 5 The Landing Page System 6 What You Need Before Getting Started 8 Planning Your Landing Page Theme 9 How to Write a Landing Page that Converts 10 Tips on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate 12 Driving Traffic into Your Landing Page 14 Finest Examples of Landing Pages 16 Resource Guide 18 Bonus! 19 List Building Wisdom Introduction 3 4 Crucial Things You Need To Do To Build your List 5 4 Ways To Get Your Opt In Subscribers To Trust You Quickly 8 How To Build A List Of Eager Subscribers 10 How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject 13 How To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More 15 Can You Really Use Articles To Build Your List? 17 5 Things To Consider When Publishing A Newsletter 19 The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List 22 7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List 24 Recommended Resources 27 Low Cost Web Traffic Surge Free And Low Cost Ways To Huge Web Traffic 2 “Discover 6 Ways To Gathering Targeted Traffic Hives To Your Websites On A Shoe String Budget!” 2 LEGAL NOTICE 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 The Internet – The Most Inexpensive Business In The World! 5 Welcome To “Free And Low Cost Ways To Huge Web Traffic!” 5 Chapter 2: Viral Marketing Fever! 8 Why Viral Marketing Is Extremely Powerful 8 Finding The Right Carrier 9 Spreading The Love 10 Recommended Resources 11 Chapter 3: Fire Sale Contributions 12 A Great Source for Paid Leads 12 No Hard Selling Required! 14 Recommended Resources 15 Chapter 4: Blog Barrage 16 Find A High Traffic Blog 16 Contribute Relevant Content 17 Contribute Relevant Content 17 Recommended Resources 18 Chapter 5: Article Directories 19 Find A Relevant Topic 19 Rinse And Repeat 21 Chapter 6: Content Membership Contribution 22 Another Source Of Massive Traffic 22 The Members Are Your Resellers 23 Recommended Resources 24 Chapter 8: Flooding Your Site With Forum Traffic 25 Your Signature 25 The Right Niche 26 Recommended Resources 27 Chapter 7: Summary 28 Getting Something Valuable For Free 28 To Your Success! 29 Malware Protection And Removal Introduction 4 Chapter 1: Spyware Can Destroy 5 Chapter 2: How Does Spyware Spread? 10 Chapter 3: How To Remove Spyware 16 Chapter 4: Anti Spyware Programs 20 Chapter 5: The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs 35 Chapter 6: Research And Learn More 40 Chapter 7: Choosing The Best Anti Spyware Tool 43 Chapter 8: Computer Security And Spyware 51 Chapter 9: The Programs To Avoid 54 Chapter 10: Is It Legal? 56 Chapter 11: Checklist Of Protection 59 Conclusion 60 Marketing Funnel Optimization The Profit Funnel Plan A quick overview on how a successful Online Business Profit Funnel looks like – and how you can model your Online Business after it! Low Ticket Product Ideas Earn your prospect’s trust quickly at LOW risks and HIGH volumes with these amazing low ticket product ideas that you can quickly and easily develop for your own! Mid Ticket Product Ideas Make more money from your repeat customers, establish substantial credibility and expand your product empire! High Ticket Product Ideas The true vehicle to massive riches as used by TOP Internet Marketers and Online Gurus from around the planet! In Closing: What Is Your Ideal Profit Strategy? How to put these ideas into action for maximum results! Network Marketing Structure Part 1 Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail 5 Terminology and Jargon You Can’t Live Without 7 Clearing Out Common Misconceptions 9 Recognizing Basic Plan Mechanics 11 Point Value to Cash Calculation 12 Payout Transparency 14 Buy Back Policy 16 Breakaway 17 Infinity Bonuses and Blocking 20 Summary and Closing 24 Network Marketing Structure Part 2 Down the Rabbit Hole 5 Pros and Cons of Accumulation 7 Buying Position 9 Caution: Front Loading and their Dangers 11 The Dreaded Demotion 13 Push-up: Taking the Short Cut 15 Turning Maintenance into Profit 17 Other Factors to Consider 20 Recommended Resources + Bonuses 21
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