"How To Quickly And Easily Turn An Hour A Day On eBay, Into Thousands Of Dollars In Monthly Profits ... 100% Guaranteed!" "One paragraph pointing out the hidden opportunity with PowerSellers is worth five times the price of the book!" "Secret eBay Marketing is a 'mother load' of simple, proven ideas that work. As an active seller and author of the subject, I can tell you that Jim Cockrum is right on the money. His techniques for getting traffic, selling ebooks and getting more newsletter subscribers are priceless. And the one paragraph pointing out the hidden opportunity with PowerSellers is worth five times the price of the book! More than a digital yard sale, eBay is a powerful marketplace, and this eye-opening interview helps you skip the hurdles and make money quickly. - Ramon Williamson Business Lifestyle Coach & Internet Marketing Advisor Dear Internet Friend, Are you currently making thousands in monthly profits from eBay, with just an hour of work a day? If you're not -- how would you like to? It's easier than you think ... Of course, there are many Power Sellers on eBay making great money, but the problem is most of them are running hundreds (if not thousands) of auctions every single month. This creates an awful lot of headaches, and destroys any freedom you might gain from actually running an internet business! There is a better way. And very few people know about it at the minute. I call those lucky few ... "The Underground eBay Marketers" These marketers use little-known eBay marketing tactics that leave their competition in the dust! Now I'll be perfectly honest with you -- I'm not one of those people. However, I very recently spoke for over two hours with someone who is. And he very generously revealed exactly how he does it ... so you can quickly start copying his success! Perhaps you're wondering why he would actually share these secrets if they're so effective?... Because it won't actually create any new competition for him. You'll understand why in the interview... Introducing Jim Cockrum ... Here's just a little background on Jim: A year of intense trial and error taught Jim the eBay marketing tactics that have taken him from earning pennies online, to making thousands upon thousands every month from eBay, with just a handful of auctions ... and with very part time work -- I'm talking about an hour a day. Often less. Whether you're brand new to eBay and the internet, or even if you've been selling on eBay for a while but are looking for higher profits, I guarantee you'll find information here that can help you achieve that, much more quickly and easily than you might have thought possible. Here's just a taste of what Jim reveals in this exclusive two hour marketing interview: Discover one of the easiest yet most overlooked ways to bring a flood of traffic to your auction -- literally within hours. Jim is growing his ezine list by 100 members a day -- and he reveals how you too can turn your eBay traffic into loyal ezine subscribers ... and most importantly: without breaking a single eBay rule! Does your About Me page make you money? See the About Me page that gets over 200 views a day and earns Jim around $100 a day ... even while he's at the beach! Which type of traffic works best for selling info-products from your web site: eBay visitors or pay-per-click? The answer might surprise you... It's controversial -- but if you're not using this system, you're throwing traffic, subscribers, and profits away! How Jim adds 40 subscribers a day to his ezine list, using just a few simple lines of code... Do you know the tell-tale signs of spotting an eBay traffic stampede? Even better -- you'll discover how to capture and direct that traffic towards your auctions! How to make a fortune from eBay without running a single auction ... A proven way to grow your eBay feedback quickly. Negative feedback can kill your eBay sales. Discover guaranteed ways to avoid this. How to outsell your eBay competition every day of the week ... even if they are running the same auctions as you ... or even selling the same products! Are you selling cheap just to get leads? Jim reveals a better way: if you know how, you can get just as many leads selling at full price ... If you're having trouble selling on eBay, one word can solve all your problems. It's not "traffic". It starts with a "C". And if you don't have it, no one will buy from you. How Jim gets 1 bid for every 13 visitors on eBay -- and how you can too! How to boost the number of bids on your auctions with Jim's honest, and proven selling tactics. eBay doesn't want you to have your web address as your ID. But there is an easy (and legal) way round this that can bring a lot more traffic to your site. Discover the easiest way to deliver products when auctions end -- all you have to do is count your money ... I was amazed when I heard this -- and *no one* does this: how to successfully get affiliates promoting your auctions! Selling eBooks with Dutch Auctions can make you very good money ... or it can be a complete waste of time if you fall into the common pitfalls that many people do. Jim reveals how he makes hundreds of dollars with Dutch Auctions every single week ... mostly on auto-pilot. Discover why having a "See All My Auctions" link could be losing you money. There's two universal human hot-buttons that can almost guarantee you a best-selling info-product on or off eBay. Don't waste time creating products that no one wants to buy -- knowing this information can help you create a best-seller. How to write and design your eBay ad, so it attracts bids like crazy! An original way to use feedback that can greatly help increase your sales. It's so obvious -- you'll kick yourself for not having done it sooner ... One category is an eBay goldmine -- and I bet you've never posted in it. Jim reveals which one it is, and how to use it to your maximum advantage. Discover a stupid-simple way for turning pay-per-click search-engine surfers, into bidders for your auctions, subscribers to your newsletter, and also earning you affiliate commissions -- in one fell swoop! Get our step-by-step guide for taking a product that others are currently selling cheaply -- and quickly out-selling them at full price.
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