Web Advertising Secrets + BONUS Mini Ebook Secrets Digital Version Downloadable - No Shipping or Handling Fee! Introduction by Author "The Ultimate A-Z System To Advertising Your Business On The Web For Massive Traffic, Sales And Profits!" Dear Friend, Web Advertising Secrets consist of 3 volumes: Volume #1: “A-Z Web Advertising Blueprint” Weighing in at a massive 128 pages, it serves as a great reference for various traffic generation and web advertising techniques. Ewen provides in-depth information on 20 different strategies to boost your traffic AND income. He divides it into 2 categories: *** New traffic generators *** Repeat traffic generators. Part of the reason why this resource is so big. It’s comprehensive. Ewen goes into the cost and mechanics of each method. And goes a step further by detailing a step-by-step idiot proof method to effectively use each strategy. As if giving you the cost, the step-by-step guide to the traffic strategies isn’t enough, Ewen also includes: *** Templates for JVs (joint ventures). (Other Internet Marketers already price these at about $97 a pop!) *** Systemitize expired domains to pump up your site’s traffic This for me is the most powerful, he provides extensive offline advertising methods. A lot of Internet Marketers focus solely on online traffic generation to their detriment. As a business consultant and a realtor, I’ve extensively used offline tactics and strategies to generate traffic spikes in the 3 months I’ve been running this blog and I’ve been coached by some of the best minds in the brick-and-mortar industries. If you aren’t already using offline methods to drive your online traffic, you will be losing out in a very big way. You may not have the opportunity to work with the offline publicty big guns like I have, but Web Advertising Secrets is likely the next best thing you can get. Regardless of your niche, using 2 or 3 of the advertising techniques detailed in volume 1 will more than double your existing traffic (and income too). Just imagine having 20 methods at your disposal… Volume #2: “Web Ad Copy Secrets” The second volume in the package, Web Ad Copy Secrets, goes through a step-by-step process of planning your web advertising campaign. Especially emphasized is the pre-planning stage and fleshing out your goals and objectives. Too many programs out in the market are action-oriented without due thought to the planning process. I know many Internet Marketers who have spent $200-300 on PayPerclick (PPC) campaigns without results. If only they had Web Advertising Secrets volume 2, they might’ve saved themselves: *** a lot of frustration (especially when they wonder why they don’t get much response to their ad copy) *** pain (at the thought of lost sales) *** importantly too, money (which could have been can buy Web Advertising Secrets many times over) Take my word for it, Web Advertising Secrets will pay for itself within one advertising campaign! Volume #3: “Web Advertising Action Guide” As if all this stuff wasn’t enough, Ewen provides you with an “action guide”. What’s an action guide? It’s a 3 month long guide, which guides you step-by-step in becoming a master at the Web Advertising Secrets. Some may say 3 months is too long. But think about it for a second. Ewen essentially distills more than 5 years of Internet Marketing experience into a 3 month intensive course.He guides you with a daily plan, to become competent in these techniques. I have looked at coaching programs which provide the same benefits. The difference? If you can self-study and are committed to success, you will save yourself quite a bunch of money. Those coaching programs I’ve looked at have cost upwards of $1449. In week one, Ewen provides one of the best workshop in article creation I’ve come across, and successively each week bring you to a different area, all the way up to product launch. Importantly, he also focuses on post-product launch activities. If you aren’t aggressively already following up AFTER your product launch, you are leaving a good 200% of sales on the table. (I guess that’s the difference between an affiliate and a super affiliate). Here’s Ewen again from the conclusion of volume 3: *** Conclusion:Now that you’ve completed the Action Guide, you have the basis to begin growing your traffic AND your income as a result of that traffic surge. If you follow each weekly action plan, you should begin to see siginficant improved results to your traffic statistics. And of course you should be checking your stastics on a consistent basis to see what weekly aciton plan is bringing you the most results. *** As I’m going through the product, I feel that at $127, this is a very solid product and well worth the investment. However, if you are a smart Internet Marketer and can see the potential leverage this product can bring you, you will take advantage of Ewen’s pre-launch offer and get it at his offer price of only $57. Will you wait till Ewen raises the price to $127? Web Advertising Secrets + Mini Ebook Secrets These eBooks package Worth $164 Today's price $13.99
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