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General Overview
| How Does It Work? | Getting Started | Bid Assist/Rescue | Auction Limits | Strategies & Tips
Winning & Getting Your Item | Technical Requirements

What Is Pricebenders?

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions (a division of TripleClicks) allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price--typically more than 90% off--with a MINIMUM savings of 77% off (excluding cost of bids, if any) and FREE SHIPPING to US/Canada! Auctions are ongoing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and each one starts at just one cent, with the price going up by just one cent more for each bid placed. The final bidder may then buy the item for the ending price...OR...Opt for a TC gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits...OR...FLIP the item you've won for CASH! Join the fun today!

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How Do Pricebenders Auctions Work?

First (if you're not a member already), you'll need to sign up as a TripleClicks member HERE. Next, you need some TripleClicks "TCredits" to bid with. TCredits are available in packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200...and for as little as $.29 apiece. 

Once you've got your TCredits, you're ready to start bidding. Just click the red "Bid Now!" button on the product details page of your chosen auction item. PLUS, with every bid, you automatically earn 10 Rewardicals! You can place bids for as many live auctions as you wish. Be the final bidder and you win the item(s). It's that simple! Check out our latest winners and the incredible deals being won HERE.

IMPORTANT: It's vital that you read all of our FAQs before you join any Pricebenders™ auctions. Make sure you understand how bidding works, as well as all restrictions, deadlines, etc., and Pricebenders Rules & Policies before jumping in.


Earn Rewardicals with each bid!
With Pricebenders, even when you don't win the auction, you still win! That's because for every bid, you earn 10 Rewardicals, redeemable for unlimited TCredits, Bitcoin, silver bullion, and more at!

Predict the final auction TCredits!
Each Pricebenders™ Auction also includes a "Pick The Price" (PTP) contest. Just correctly predict the final price of an auction--or be the closest if no exact picks--and you could win a share of our weekly PTP Zackpot and a nifty badge for your TripleClicks Homepage! Play for just one TCredit per entry/auction. No purchase necessary to win. Plus, each entry earns you 10 Rewardicals! Hundreds of chances to win weekly and there are no win limits. Click here to learn more and/or enter.

PLUS...with each PTP entry, you can use pre-bidding to set up bids to be placed on your behalf when the upcoming auction begins and the price hits the amount you designate.

Bid and win TCredits in special flash drawings and lock in 77% off MSRP!
Within most auction detail pages, you'll see a Pricebenders Bonus Bar, a realtime auction progress bar. As bidding continues, the progress bar fills up and hits one or more of 6 possible flash drawings--indicated by the stars on the bonus bar--along the way. Just bid at least once in the 5 minutes prior to the drawing to be eligible to win FREE TCredits.

If the Bonus Bar reaches its end before the end of the auction, we LOCK IN the price you'll pay if you win. No matter how much higher bidding goes, your purchase price will always be AT LEAST 77% off the MSRP!  Learn more HERE.

Need TCredits?

In addition to winning TCredits in the PTP contest or Bonus Bar flash drawings discussed above, you can enter our T-TIME Drawing, where we give away 60 FREE TCredits each hour to 30 lucky winners--720 winners each day! You can also win TCredits through the Daily Crown drawing or by winning an Eager Zebra Game Zackpot. Additionally, you can purchase TCredits for as little as $.29 each HERE. Finally, you can have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account by sending a postcard or letter to our offices. IMPORTANT! Limit one TCredit from postcard credited per customer per day. Please include your name and TripleClicks Member ID number or e-mail address.

Dept. Free TC
620 N. 48th Street, Suite 104
Lincoln, NE 68504
United States

Note that TCredits can also be used for participating in Eager Zebra games, purchasing products, participating in contests, and more. Learn more about TCredits HERE.

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Getting Started

Once you've got your TCredits, head over of the main LIVE AUCTIONS PAGE HERE. You'll notice that each live auction item listed on this page is displayed within its own panel, along with the current high bid, time left, type(s) of auction, and other specific information:

To place a bid, click the Go To Auction button to bring up the item's details page containing the full product description, retail price, Bid Log, Bid & Build, and more.


More Pricebenders FAQs...

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Bid Assist & Bid Rescue

Pricebenders Auction timers are designed to speed up as the number of bids increase, until the auction is completed. Therefore, there's no way to determine how long a given auction will last; if a bunch of members begin bidding, the auction time can shorten significantly and be over in less than a hour. If you can't hang around for an entire auction because you need to go to work or to bed, Bid Assist can come in handy by placing bids on your behalf.  

To set up Bid Assist, scroll down to the Bidding Tools section in the right column of the item's details page and select the Bid Assist link. Enter the maximum number of bids you're willing to place and the auction price at which you want these bids to start and click the "Activate Bid Assist" button.  Bid Assist will now bid on your behalf, per the settings you entered.

TIP: Think you know when an auction is going to end?  You can use Bid Assist to be there to place the winning bid for you. For example, let's say that you believe an auction is going to end at $10.00.  You could set up Bid Assist with just, say, 10 TCredits to bid once the price reaches $9.95.  In this example, if you are right about it ending at $10.00, you'd win this auction with just 3 TCredits bid!

Special Notes:

  • Bid Assist will cease placing bids once you've won the auction. 
  • Setting or updating Bid Assist when the auction time only has a few seconds remaining may not allow activation in time to reset the clock!

For those instances when you're able to watch and participate in a live auction for its duration, you'll still want to set up your Bid Rescue tool. If you need to answer the door, make a phone call, or visit the bathroom during an auction, Bid Rescue will make sure you don't miss out on placing bids and losing the auction.

To set up Bid Rescue, click the Bid Rescue link in the Bidding Tools section. Choose how many rescues you want (1-5), select the "Set to ON for all auctions (5 bids)" checkbox if you wish, and click the "Activate Bid Rescue" button.  Once set, if you have to leave your computer or you get distracted, Bid Rescue will rescue you by bidding for you just before the timer expires, up to five times per auction.

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Auction Limits

So that everyone has a chance to win, for most products, we've set a specific limit of how often you can win that item. For the majority of physical items, the limit is one win every 30 days. But there are also many other products, especially digital products, where the limit is one win per day, five days, or 10 days. For products such as the 3-month TCredits subscription, the limit is one win per 90 days. Additionally, there are several types of products that are very similar, such as TCredits packs or iPads. For items like these, we've put them in GROUPS, and the win limit applies to any product in that group. You can view win limits for any PriceBenders item in the sidebar within the product's auction details page.

Additionally, you can win no more than six (6) auctions in a seven (7)-day period and no more than 18 auctions in a 30-day period. TC members are also limited to winning two (2) Winner Bids Free auctions in a 30-day period, with no more than one win every 10 days.

One exception to the auction win limits is a Big Dog auction, which features open bidding for all members, even if they've reached the standard win limit. That said, you can only win one Big Dog auction each day.

Once you've reached your limit, you can either wait until you're allowed to bid on it again (the number of days until you can do so will be displayed within the auction)...OR, you can just bid on another item.

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Strategies & Tips

  • Read all Pricebenders Auctions FAQs so you're familiar with how Pricebender™ auctions work before you begin bidding.
  • Observe auction activity for a while before jumping in.
  • Before starting to bid on an item, determine your "bid budget" and then stick to it.
  • Make sure you have purchased as many TCredits as you'll need for bidding. Running out of TCredits at the last moment could be costly!
  • Watch the auction timer. If the counter almost reaches zero again and again before starting over, it means that there are probably not too many users bidding on that item.
  • Watch for UP (Under Performer) auctions on the Auction Schedule. They are historically the easiest auctions to win.
  • Fewer people generally bid on cheaper items. These auctions therefore give you your best opportunity for winning.
  • Use the bidding tools (Bid Assist, Bid Rescue, and Bid Log) to increase your chances of winning.
  • Timing is the key to winning.

CLICK HERE for more tips and strategies for winning Pricebenders™ auctions.

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Winning An Auction & Getting Your Item

If your username is displayed as the high bidder when the auction timer runs out, you've won! You'll also get an e-mail to let you know that you've won. Additionally, you'll see a checkout link to order the item you've won in the Pricebenders Auctions panel located on your "My Account" page. Click this link and check out. As soon as your payment has been verified, the item will be shipped directly to you (U.S. and Canada members only).

NOTE: You can also choose to FLIP the item you've won for CASH or opt to receive a TC Gift Certificate or a quantity of TCredits in lieu of the product.

IMPORTANT! You must claim any items won by purchasing them for the final bid price within 30 days. Items unclaimed after 30 days are forfeited.


If your username is displayed as the high bidder when the auction timer runs out, you've won! You'll also get an e-mail to let you know that you've won. Additionally, you'll see a checkout link to order the digital item you've won in the Pricebenders Auctions panel located on your "My Account" page. Click this link and check out. As soon as your payment has been verified, you'll get your digital item.

IMPORTANT! You must claim any items won by purchasing them for the final bid price within 30 days. Items unclaimed after 30 days are forfeited.

For physical items that must be shipped (which is restricted to US and Canada), you can either:

1. Have the item shipped to a United States address at no additional cost. Simply enter the name of the friend or family member and their U.S. address in the Ship-To fields during checkout.


2. Opt to receive a TC Gift Certificate or a quantity of TCredits in lieu of the product (each of which can be redeemed on virtually any product at TripleClicks). NOTE: The value of your gift certificate/amount of TCredits will be equal to our approximate cost for the item. 

Example: You bid on a tablet and win. But because you live in Germany and can't have the item shipped to a friend in the U.S. or Canada, when you check out, you can choose a gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits. You choose the gift certificate. You can now purchase a tablet from a local ECA, eliminating or reducing shipping time and costs.


3. Put the item you've won up for immediate sale at TripleClicks for CASH. Learn more.

But that's not all...

You can trade in that TC gift certificate for the same or similar Pricebender auction item--or ANY item of your choice from some of the world's most popular e-commerce sites--using our Your Choice Dropshipping program!

YCD currently works with the following 11 Amazon sites:




As a Pricebenders Auction winner, using the YCD program to get the item of your choice is simple:

1. After winning the auction (for physical items only), select the TC Gift Certificate option.

2. Go to your "local" Amazon site (listed above).

3. Locate the product you want, and submit the URL of that product on Amazon to TripleClicks support. 

4. We deduct the price for the item from your gift certificate balance (plus a $8 service fee) and have the item shipped directly to you!

To find out more about the Gift Certificate Exchange program, see this support page at TC…or learn all about the YCD program HERE.


Alternative Options For Physical Products

In addition to giving auction winners the option of flipping an won item on TripleClicks for CASH, our system automatically offers winners a choice of a TC Gift Certificate or a quantity of TCredits in lieu of a shippable auction item. The value of TC gift certificates will be our approximate cost for the item and will expire after 180 days. All auctions winners will be required to pay the ending (winning) price before choosing to accept a gift certificate or TCredits. Digital items do not qualify for exchanges.

Find out how to make any gift certificate you win at Pricebenders infinitely more valuable with Your Choice Dropshipping!

Payment Methods

Depending on your country, TripleClicks offers different ways to pay, including: Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Check. Click HERE to see what payment options are available for your country. To access these options, simply choose the payment method you wish to use when you check out.

We use high-security Verisign encryption and other security features to ensure that your transactions at TripleClicks are always safe, secure, and private.


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Technical Requirements

For a seamless and enjoyable auction experience, we strongly recommend you have access to the following:

A laptop, tablet, or other computer with:
• A single or dual core processor with speeds of 1.6GHz or higher
• 1 Gigabyte of RAM or more

One of the following Internet connections:
• Broadband
• High Speed
• Cable

One of the following Web browsers:
• Latest version of Firefox ( or
• Latest version of Safari ( or
• Latest version of Chrome (


  • We do NOT recommend Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Shared access WiFI (such as found in hotels, airport, coffee shops, etc.) and mobile tethering (e.g. 3G) may not provide enough bandwidth. Dial-up is definitely NOT adequate.
  • Satellite Internet users may experience inconsistencies with the auction clock. Satellite Internet commonly has inherent latency or lag that is incompatible with the real-time nature of the auctions.

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